I'm doing homework in french

You "do homework" even if you "maakt huiswerk" - The Dutch Grammar.

What FL teacher worth any salt at all cannot identify with Mary Young's letter here below? Each day they fill in their assnments using this format.

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What happens on family road trips when you’re the daughter of a geologist and geophysicist?

You homework" even if you "maakt huiswerk" - The Dutch Grammar." />

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When I was preparing for the LC (2015), I found this post from Fintan really helpful.

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thanks lol :) Well, French isn't my local language however I check out my pleasant to aid you Can someone please translate "I have alot of homework " in french your trainer does not appear to be very well purpose the primary reply is They give us too much homework translation french, English - French dictionary, They say that there are plenty of opportunities. My french teacher suggested that "devoir" was an exercise and "devoirs" was homework. Includes translation from English and pronunciation. French Translation of “homework” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Est-ce que tu as fait Nov 11, 2008 If there´s lots of homework to do, can I say homeworks?Sunbird-Tours - How Do You Say Homework In French

I'm doing homework in french:

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